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About Addison

Addison Gelpey is like the force of nature – a larger than life character, witty and cheeky, with the gift to make people feel at ease whilst raising thousands of pounds for charitable causes.

A Fine Art auctioneer and valuer since 2003, Addison realised he had a gift for selling in the spotlight and has been a been a regular face on the charity auction circuit, being an auctioneer of choice for many charities big and small:-  Action for Children, Save a Capital Child, Haven Breast Cancer Care, Happy Child, Orphan Trust to name a few…

Most recently, Addison has been the main personality on Channel 5's  prime time series, 'Storage, Flog the Lot' as their auctioneer and expert. His past appearances have been on BBC's Bargain Hunt and Bargain Hunt 'Famous Find' series as a valuer and auctioneer.

Addison also founded the online subscription site antiquesmasterclass, with some of the industry’s leading experts on antiques, including John Bly from the Antiques Roadshow lecturing on the history of furniture, Lennox Cato talking on investments in antiques, and many more, where Addison sits with the experts as the punter asking the expert questions whilst they talk about their preferred subjects.

His early foray into TV was a simple game show of his own invention called Comedy Challenge, which was commissioned by Paramount Comedy Channel for a 22 part series and involved Addison in the West End, asking the public to tell jokes for a pound! This ran for over three years.

Addison’s interest in antiques started in his early years as his parents were leading dealers in Asian antiques, specialising in Tibetan bronzes and Thankas. They met in Nepal in the late 1960s.  Travelling the world with his three sisters, his eclectic background gave him the confidence and bravery needed to approach and deal with members of the public – and encourage them to open their wallets for charitable causes with his witty banter and cheeky grin.

Married with two young daughters, he is a keen Rugby player still, and fancies himself as a professional backgammon player although he is yet to win any trophies!..
Valuations or Selling, I can help

If you have something you need valued, an antique collection you are possibly looking to sell or just need guidance on the best route to market either via auction or to dealers or other collectors direct then please email me some information and I can help you or your Family.


I can value your collection and guide you to find the best route to sell your collection or items, or I am always happy to buy from you directly to save you time and money. I will always offer you a fair market value.

Email me a photo, description, sizes, age, where it is located and I will come back to you usually within 24 hours.

Whether it’s furniture, jewellery, art, silver, Asian or Oriental I can help. I love the unusual and have 20 years’ experience in the Antiques world with a wealth of contacts to find the best place for you to sell your collection or items.

I am happy to work as an adviser in any transaction large or small so feel free to contact me and I look forward to helping you.

Best Wishes,

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